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My Coaching

Feeling Stuck? You're Not Alone

Whether you're struggling in a relationship, feeling unfulfilled in your job, or searching for your purpose, I've been there too. Despite my credentials as a Therapist, Human Resources Professional, Consultant, and Executive Coach, I once found myself lost and agitated.

Discover the Power of Subconscious Healing

It was only after I discovered the transformative power of bio-neuropsychology and integrated it into my journaling practice that I began to heal at a subconscious level. This profound change replaced my fawning, procrastination, and freeze states with clarity, agency, and happiness.

Why Traditional Methods Fall Short

Affirmations, manifestation, and sheer willpower are valuable but they can't override our early conditioning. True transformation requires addressing issues at their source.

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Monique owner of inner self growth

My Unique Approach

I offer a therapeutic mash-up of techniques and therapies that have worked for me and can be customized to work for your inner growth plan.

The Benefits

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Uncover and integrate lost parts of yourself

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Develop Self-worth, Self-Trust, and Self-efficacy

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Feel whole, grounded and empowered

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Live with Perspective, Purpose and Peace

My Deep Dive

Trying to take in all of the theories, therapies, techniques, tools, and tips from the internet and around the globe can be overwhelming.  That's why I've assembled a therapeutic cocktail that's palatable for those who are new to inner healing. 

What People Say
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