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© 2017 by Diana Baltrusaityte.  For inquiries contact me via mailbox@ucreateuproducts.com


Because you can, darling!


Enough of stereotypical society beliefs that it needs to be hard. It does not need to be!

I know it through my own and my clients' experiences.

Yes, turning your dreams to reality, you gonna need to do some ass-kicking dreaming and planning.

But we do not need to do THAT BORING planning we know, we can make it MORE FUN.

This is why I have created this e-book.

For you to break that stereotype and get easy-to-act methods that you can start using RIGHT NOW.

What you'll get in this book?

-  7 steps formula in achieving your desires

- we'll break the most common dream setting myths

- it includes best practices of 6 years coaching experiences

- various easy methods and exercises that truly work

- nicely design with pictures for your visual delight

- ass-kicking motivational talk

I promise you, you'll find lots of benefit in this book for just $3.99! 

I personally tried many planning methods, that both failed and succeeded, shared them with others and saw the benefits it brings not only to myself, but also to other people. 


Both as a human and as the life and time management certified coach, I am here to serve you ​and tell you that you do not need to be afraid! You can do this!

You are the biggest project in your life. Make sure you invest in it.

I invite you to an exciting dream-setting journey!


If you need bigger amount of support during your personal goal setting journey, you might be interested in joining the "DREAM TRAIN" online course.

CLICK HERE for more information.