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© 2017 by Diana Baltrusaityte.  For inquiries contact me via mailbox@ucreateuproducts.com


We either control our time or let others control it. What do you choose?

In order to turn our dreams to reality, we need to do some ass-kicking dreaming and planning. But we do not need to do THAT BORING planning we know, we can make it MORE FUN.

Sadly, many of us are scarred or annoyed by the planning concept! In my book, I outline the beautiful process of planning, together with planning myths and methods that you can easily use in your own personal life. 

I promise you, this book will make you see planning with different eyes!

By studying successful people, I soon realized that one of the key fundamentals of their success is their ability to plan productively and spiritualy. So, I started incorporating it in my own personal life and soon uncovered the powers of it. 

This is why my first book "Creating the Dream Life you Deserve"was born. I tried many planning methods, that both failed and succeeded, shared them with others and saw the benefits it brings not only to myself, but also to other people. As the time management certified coach, I have no doubt that it is a big asset to success.​

I invite you to the dream-planning journey!

You can purchase the book in all AMAZON stores.

If you need bigger amount of support during your personal goal setting journey, you might be interested in joining the "DREAM TRAIN" online course.

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