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How I Can Help

If you're stuck...

Whether it's within a relationship, in a job, or in finding your purpose, I've been there!


Despite my credentials as a Therapist, Human Resources Professional, Consultant, and Executive Coach I couldn't find my footing and suffered from an inner agitation. 


It was only after I discovered the power of bio-neuropsychology and introduced it to my journaling practice that I was able to finally heal at the subconscious level. Since then, my fawning, procrastination, and freeze states have been replaced with clarity, agency, and happiness.    


This is why it doesn't matter how many affirmations we chant, how much we manifest, or how much willpower we have, nothing overrides our deeply hidden programming except going to its source to deprogram. 


Image by Anthony Tran
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My approach is simple... 

A therapeutic mash-up of techniques, books, vids, from influencers, and therapies that worked for me can be customized for your inner growth.


All you need is a journal and pen and/or keyboard to work on finding the lost parts of yourself. Once we find them, we integrate them so you're whole.


Feeling is the foundation to self-worth, self-trust, self-effacy and agency.

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