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© 2017 by Diana Baltrusaityte.  For inquiries contact me via mailbox@ucreateuproducts.com



Omg, it has been 100 days of mindfulness challenge.⠀ It has been a truly interesting ride during which I learned many new things.⠀ Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who followed me on this ride.

Was it easy? No, it has not been easy all the time.

But this was truly a good experience for me to share more.⠀ To see that mindfulness can be in every corner.

🧚‍♀️⠀ What would be that one main lesson, if I have to choose?⠀ Always choose to be an observer.


Cause it is said that there are 3 of us inside each of us:⠀

  • True yourself⠀

  • Your thoughts/ visual yourself( the image you create of yourself in your head)⠀

  • And the observer. The one that observes the actions from the side. It is still you.

You are just looking at yourself. Keep looking.



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