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How "JUST DO IT" Sometimes Does not Really Work

Updated: Feb 18

Ever talked with someone about your passion and got a "just do it" advice?

How did that sound?

Somehow, I can bet that did not sound too exciting...

"Just do it" attitude is a new slogan for any motivation speech. It is also another way of saying "you lazy moron, just lift your ass, less talking - more doing".

This Nike slogan has literally taken over our lives.

We truly use it everywhere, in every possible context and with any possible life area.

We place it for career and work, our health, relationships and our own personal development, including even our spirituality.

But, how, indeed useful is this advice?

Ok ok, we all need a kick in the ass from time to time. We, humans, are used staying in our comfort zones, our bubble of coziness.

It simply feels safe and we do not need to worry about ...worries.

It means that“just do it” remark makes us lift our asses and urges us to start. You know, like TO DO SOMETHING.

To do something versus complaining. Need to say - pretty annoying, who wants to do that?

However, at the same time, "just do it" does not really fit every decision and every action.

Do you know why so many starting companies fail?

Because they use "the just do it" phrase

without doing enough of brainstorming, testing and planning.

You are kinda a startup too.

We all are.

Sometimes ( or actually quite often) we need time to think and brainstorm.

To create plans, check alternatives, all the present minuses and pluses of the situation or decision.

This is how we prepare ourselves, howe we prepare for risks.

It is the research phase of looking for information.

Most importantly, it is the research phase of yourself.

You need to do that in order to find out, if you really want that thing/ that project/ that dream, or you just think you do.

Often, sadly, many desires are not even real dream-desires.

They are purely some sort of social norms that we promise to follow, because it will make other people happy.

Sometimes we think we want to achieve something, but once we look more into it, we realise that we do not really like many aspects of that thing.

Yes, there is absolutely a big wordwide problem that many people do not take action to achieve their dreams.

But without nowadays total buzz, it is even a bigger problem that we do not take time to think more about what we want and why exactly we want it.

“Just do it” sounds freakishly much better, if we change it to ”THINK AND DO IT”.

Because this journey is all about you understanding your wants, beliefs, challenges and fears.

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