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The dilemma of choosing: Morning or Evening person?

In our society we like to put people into different boxes, like morning and evening people. The early birds and night owls.

Or in other words "those that waste their sleep" and "those that act like annoying parrots in the mornings.

Let's admit, there is a constant worldwide battle between those two.

Evening people hate morning people and morning people do not understand evening people.

Most importantly, everyone says that then you choose to be one, you stick with it. Basically, you choose to be one type for the rest of your life...

You cannot become the other. It is just how you are wired, the end. Changes do not happen in life and your DNR truly influences 100 % of your actions: to be a morning or an evening person.

Not. Total epic big and fat bullshit.

Though, I would not advice you to tell that to these people. It might not end well...

Yes, we all have our own personal clocks.

Even though, days and nights have specific hours and universe works the same way, we still tend to create our own clocks.

Talking about being in control...virus alert.

Ok ok, your clock is quite fine, as long as you truly feel rested.

And by rest, I truly mean rest. When you wake up and feel fresh and actually feel relaxed, yet at the same time you have energy.

It is simple asking yourself "Do I feel re-charged fully or not?". The answer should always be "I do". If it is not - something is clearly not right.

Also, if you go to sleep only then you are almost falling asleep in a shower before bed, well... that does not mean that you are ready for bed.

It means you are over-past "the ready for bed" by pretending that you are not.

In biological sense, waking up in mornings might be perceived being more healthy, because our body is not functioning at the same rate at night as it is during the day.

The reason is quite simple - the dark.

See, dark produces melatonin in us, which is the sleep hormone. Due to this, at night, many "mechanisms" in the body are simple shut down. They work at a slower rate.

It is kinda like your body knows that it is time for sleep. Because it truly does. Light truly influences our whole body.

I am not saying you need to become a morning person, but in truth you can, if you want to.

Because it is a simple a habit. Not that it is easy, but it is a simple habit of trying and repeating, over and over again.

We go to sleep at certain time simply because we have got used in doing that by repeating the same pattern over and over again.

We made our bodies act in this way and, if we want, we can always change it.

Of course, no one is saying that it won't be torturing, in the beginning.

I used to be a big owl myself and to my surprise I have become a happy morning person.

I can truly say that the sleep I get now is the best I have had so far. I feel more alive and energetic in the mornings, and, also, during the days.

Even though you are an evening person and you still gonna want to continue with your night creativity - make sure you know the chemistry and how your body acts.

Because in truth, owls need to take care of their bodies even more than morning people.

If you are waking up at 11:00 o’clock in the morning and feeling drowsy like having a hangover, do you really thing that is healthy?

Please, stop fooling yourself and take control of your life in your hands.

Take care of yourself, find a sleeping pattern that suits you, but constantly check your health.

Cause if that won't be in check - nothing else will follow with a flow. Yes, your whole life is influenced by it.

Sleep enough, darling, and most importantly - feel rested. If not, change the patterns. For your own good.

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