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Balancing Feminine & Masculine Energy

Here is the ultimate truth: feminine and masculine energies are not plain genders. A female does not have just feminine energy and a man does not have just masculine energy. Feeling surprised?

In our society, we are so used to think that feminine energy is the backbone core of all women and masculine energy is the force that makes the men tick. It can't be any way around, or can it?

Sadly, this is exactly the reason why so many stereotypical, limiting views start to arise. Cause let's be real, we have many beliefs how women or men should act in order to "make-it-work".

You might be screaming right now "but, what are you talking about, it is obvious that women and men are different!". Surely, won't argue with that, women and men certainly have physical and even biological differences, but what about the ways how our flow of energies work? Ever thought of that?

Because men has both masculine and feminine energies inside themselves and so does the women.

Yes, feminine and masculine is not related to gender or sexes, it is not just a woman or a man. It is more the energy of feminine and masculine, the yin and yan.

It is the nature expression of creative energy that flows in the universe.

Why knowing it might be beneficial?

Because without understanding masculine and feminine energy, we can become very much out of balance. And we all know well what happens when we get out of balance.... hehiam.

Now, in order to understand this more, we need to dig deeper what exactly masculine and feminine energies mean. Let's take a dive.


Masculine energy is leaning more towards logical thinking, the “do”it attitude, direction, planning, organisation. It is basically what creates drive to go to achieve, it is the pushing energy.

This is where we reason, take action and show our strength. It is very analytical, represents our left brain - the logic part. It is also more physical energy, like exercising.

This energy is slow and kinda dull, because it moves as a straight line, but at the same time it creates lots of action. In other words it get shit done.


The feminine energy represents a more flowy energy, it does not need to plan, it is just there to adore the beauty.

It is more relaxed, not goal oriented, just "being there" energy.  It is nurturing, receptive and emotional.

This is quite a fast energy and it moves in curves and swirls. We can compare it to water - very fluid, moving, creative, expansive.

Now you know the difference between masculine and feminine energies.

None is better or worse. None is more important or silly.

We need both of these energies in this world, because masculine without feminine is not whole and feminine without masculine is not whole either.

If you use masculine energy well, it will become creative, practical and visionary. However, if it is misused - we can end in anger, resentment, and inner conflict that is not healthy for us, disconnecting us from our bodies.

If we use feminine energy well, our body and intuition will be connected and we will make easier decisions listening to our hearts. Yet, if we misuse feminine energy - we'll become too weak and can turn into this victim-poor-me mentality, losing our personal power.

The important thing to mention is that you have both energies in you, but you have one leading energy, and that is the energy that you base your decisions on.

When you are aligned with that energy - you flourish.

If you would like to find your feminine & masculine energy ratio totally for free, go and listen to Mystic Babe Podcast episode

"Feminine & Masculine Energy In Your Birth Chart" (CLICKE HERE to access it or find it on Spotify and iTunes).

In this episode, you'll also find how you can easily generate masculine and feminine energy by certain activities.

You see, balancing feminine and masculine energy in yourself is truly not that hard.

However. we really need to create awareness towards it for people to understand that femimine and masculine is not just pure genders.

If we can raise our awareness about it, we can start looking at femininity and masculinity in totally different perspective, without limiting beliefs, sarcastic remarks and bullying.

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